ATS Aircraft Maintenance

Learn a little more about our history!

Learn a little more about our history!

AGS Manutenção em Aeronaves Ltda was founded in 1994 in Brasília, today it has its headquarters in Goiânia, in the Santa Genoveva sector.




Since 2014 in partnership with The Aircraft Electronics Association

19 years of history

More than 10,000 PNs in your LC


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Our team, made up of professionals with up to 43 years of experience in the market, is fully committed to offering the best and most efficient solution to meet your needs. The vast experience accumulated over the years allows us to deeply understand the challenges and demands of the market, allowing us to provide an assertive and effective approach to solving the most varied problems.

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We are committed to offering an excellent service, always seeking to improve our skills and knowledge.