ATS Aircraft Maintenance

ATS Aircraft Maintenance offers high quality maintenance services to ensure the safety and performance of your aircraft.

With over 40 years of experience!

Founded in 1994, ATS has a history that precedes its founding. Our team has employees with up to 43 years in the market. It is the definitive solution for your needs.

Fair prices

Specialized professionals


We guarantee fair values and transparency in our products and services provided, offering the biggest brands on the market and the most prepared specialists.

We have a technical team with employees who have decades of experience in the most diverse areas of avionics maintenance and on a wide variety of aircraft.

We always seek, in each service provided, excellent service, following the guidelines of the largest regulatory agencies in the world.

Component Sales

Avionics Installation

Component repair

“As an AGS client for 4 years, I have a lot to say, a company committed to the quality and efficiency of the service.

With market prices and a helpful team, they always made me recommend them to other pilot friends.”

- Pilot

" [...] I just have to thank, congratulate and recommend this company. I think it's all the involvement we all need, this trust towards aviation."

~ Commander

"So I've had several experiences with this fantastic group! From the CTM, track technicians and owner all committed to resolving problems perfectly and quickly!

I recommend it and recommend it to my professional colleagues"

~ Pilot

What our client say

Where to find us


Caraibas Street, nº 415 Block 124, Lot 43 - Santa Genoveva, Goiania - GO, 74672-500

Opening hours (Brasilia time zone)

Monday to Friday from 8am to 5:30pm

Contact telephone

+55 (62) 3595-5900

+55 (62) 3576-0704

+55 (62) 3298-5568

+55 (62) 3037-0061


Trust our quality to restore functionality to your devices. Contact us for excellent repair service.